So you’ve got your vegan Instagram account up-and-running and you know you’re meant to be using hashtags – but which hashtags? I’m here to make that easier for you by giving you a general set of hashtags I recommend, as well as explain how to use them, and how to customise them to suit you even better.

The Hashtags

Just save the below hashtags (everything within the grey box) into a note-keeping app on your phone and then simply copy and paste the tags into the first comment (not the caption) of your Instagram posts.

It’s a good idea to copy all of the seemingly blank spaces below. They’re not actually blank and contain an invisible character. This will allow you to have multiple line breaks which will bury your hashtags in your comments somewhat, bettering the appearance of your post.

Hashtags By @kaeldotis

⠀ ⠀
#vegan #veganism #veganismdaily @veganismdaily #vegansofig @vegansofig #vegantravel #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodlovers #eatplants #whatveganseat #veganeats #veganbodybuilding #vegansofinstagram #veganfortheanimals #plantbased #govegan #bestvegan @bestveganau #vegancommunity #plantpowered #veganinspo #veganshare #veganstrong #vegangains #vegano #veganfeature @veganfeature #veganaf #bestofvegan #plantbased #friendsnotfood #crueltyfree

Feel free to remove the “By @tiskael” credit if you like. There isn’t rights/protection of any sort, I just like to see how many people are using my hashtags so that I know it’s worth updating this page.

It may also help people find this page, and the more people that are using the hashtags, the more the people who use these hashtags will benefit from that increased use!

How Many Hashtags Can You Use On Instagram?

Hashtags are Instagram’s plumbing, so they’re incredibly important, and you can currently use up to 30 hashtags on each Instagram post – make the most of them all! There is no disadvantage to using more hashtags as long as you’re keeping them relevant.

If a hashtag is irrelevant to your audience then you should avoid using it as it will lower your engagement to impression ratio, whereby Instagram will view your content as less relevant.

Customising Your Hashtags By Sub-Niche

The hashtag set I’ve provided contains a variety of hashtags within the “vegan niche”. This will essentially cast a wide net to attract a variety of vegan followers – such as activists, foodies, athletes – which is perfect for most people landing on this page.

If you only want to target a very specific sub-niche, such as vegans interested in calisthenic workouts, then you may want to remove some hashtags such as #vegantravel. If you are interested in raw plant-based cooking, you may instead choose to remove #vegangains and replace it with #rawvegan.

Customising Your Hashtags By Location

You can also target vegans within your region by using location-based hashtags just as #VegansInAustralia, #VegansOfSydney, and #SydneyVeganGuide. This is great for foodies who share photos of restaurants within a specific area, or personal trainers seeking clientele in their city.

Customising Your Hashtags By Language

Given that the word “vegan” was created by English-speaking English people, I would assume most people who identify as vegan speak English. You are therefore able to achieve more exposure by using English hashtags.

But, if you write all of your captions in Spanish, your bio is in Spanish, and you speak in Spanish in your Instagram stories, you’re more likely to attract (and far more likely to maintain) a following of Spanish speakers by using Spanish hashtags.

Tagging Feature Accounts

You may notice that I have included some hashtags such as #VeganFeature and also the @VeganFeature account. The accounts tagged are known as “feature accounts”. These accounts curate content which has used their hashtags and share it to their thousands of followers, potentially providing you with a huge boost in exposure.

These features accounts typically scourer their hashtags for content to share, but you may as well also tag them when you post your hashtags, this way you show up in their notifications bettering your chances of being noticed.

Remember that you can only tag or @mention up to 5 accounts in a single comment on Instagram. You are able to post multiple comments, though – just don’t venture in spammy territory.

Tag For Your Audience

When you use hashtags, try and use hashtags your audience will be viewing, not just the hashtags you think fit the post. For example, #veganworkout may be great for a post about healthy plant-based meals. Even though the post isn’t exactly about working out the hashtag will still be relevant to that audience.

More Hashtag Sets

In case you want more specific hashtags to your sub-niche, I will be creating a few more sets below and be posting them as I have time. If you would like to make a request for a specific sub-niche just let me know on Instagram.