Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook account seems harmless, maybe even convenient. You can now log into your Instagram account through your Facebook account and share some of the features.

That’s what I thought, at least until my Facebook account was hacked. I was using an extremely strong password, stored with LastPass, and hadn’t used it anywhere, so I have no idea how it happened. One of their goals was to use my advertising account so I would have to foot the bill – luckily I locked my card in time.

Now I have been waiting over week for Facebook to verify my identity with a photo of my driver’s licence. While I wait for that to happen, my main Instagram account, @tiskael, and the linked Instagram accounts (currently for portraiture gardening) have been taken down.

UPDATE 07/07/20: I still haven’t been allowed back into my accounts and I’m starting to doubt I will ever be. Further, I can see that the hackers are still using what they do have access to and Facebook is unwilling to do anything.

I can also see that my details are being used elsewhere in what is essentially low-level identity theft. I will update as things progress.