The best language learning program online, Duolingo is my most-used app… outside of social media, that is. This app is a real workout for your brain, especially your memory.

Instead of downloading a brain training game, why not learn a language? It’s a great social skill and a lot of fun. You can also add your friends and support each other’s progress.

kaeldotis is my username if you would like to join me!

FREE – The free version has access to almost all the features of the premium subscription, which simply removes adverts and allows for offline use.

Smiling Mind

Ever tried the app Head Space? Smiling Mind is pretty much exactly that, but free. And Australian.

Daily guided meditation that also tracks your contentment, happiness, and alertness. I use it every morning to set my frame for the coming day.

FREE – Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit and the app is 100% free. You can support the organisation though.


I have gotten really into reading lately, especially ebooks. Problem is, my eyes are degrading from all the screen time. Solution? Audiobooks.

$15/month gets me inside the mind of billionaires, scientists, and gurus. It sounds like a good investment to me. I can also listen along while I wash dishes or workout in my backyard.

PAID – Audible is $15 a month, but there is a free trial. I also like Google Play Books, because it’s not subscription-based and I can share my purchases with my Play Family.