I’m discovering the usefullness of Twitter lists. The biggest benefit is that I can easily organise my followings into lists by topic. When I then have an interest in a specific topic, I can just look it up.

I have created a bunch of lists for my private use, but I thought I would also create some public lists for other vegans to follow. I built them around topics and communities other people rally around (even though I don’t have an interest in them all) as I believe it would be a great way to promote veganism amongst those communities.

Note: These are all a work in progress – some more than others. While I attempt to find reputable accounts for each of these respective lists, please do not assume I endorse a given account.

Animal Rights Australia

This list contains animal rights organisations such as Animals Australia, the Animal Justice Party (and their MP’s), communities such as Ban Live Exports, and an activist or two. All accounts in this list are Australian.

Vegan News

An aggregation of top vegan-specific news sources.

Vegan Philosophers

Vegan Conservatives

Vegan LGBTQ+

Vegan POC

Vegan Christians

Vegan Muslims

Vegan Investors

Keep up to date with ethical investments, especially within the stock market. Which vegan start-ups are going public, and are they a good investment?

Vegan Business

Vegan Health & Medicine

Doctors and dieticians answering health questions and discussing the latest plant-based related medical studies.

Vegan Fitness & Sport