TLDR: Park near North Curl Curl SLSC, walk up the trail, turn left at the fork, turn right at the clearing.

“Don’t Jump” Rock on the headland of North Curl Curl has been making the rounds on social media for a while. I first stumbled on this lookout around 2015 purely by accident. After posting a photo of it online, a lot of people asked me how to find it, and it’s really easy.

Looking southward from North Curl Curl headland.

The first step is to make your way to North Curl Curl (NCC). The car park at NCC SLSC is where you the entrance to the pathway is. There’s plenty of parking there, but it’s all ticketed. To save some money, park on Robertson Road.

NCC is one of the most beautiful areas in North Sydney, so plan to spend some time there. Three beach stretches off into the distance, and the Rock Pool is an attraction of its own.

Jump Rock captured on Note 10+ Ultra Wide

Next, you need to find the path entrance (signed) just above the SLSC. Dogs are allowed on the whole as long as they’re leashed, but they’re not allowed down to the Rock Pool.

Once you find the entrance to the path, you simply need to follow the path until it forks. The Rock Pool is to the right, you want to go to the left. Soon enough you will see a clearing on the right. Make your way through this clearing, carefully, facing towards the ocean.

After a 5 minute walk, you’ll be at the lookout. If you take any photos, tag me in the comments on Instagram.

I have thrown together this map to make things easier. You can also find “Don’t Jump” Rock on Google Maps.